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The #1 place to shop for custom hat crown shapers and baseball caps inserts
YOUR PERSONAL IMAGE: "Hats make anyone look attractive as long as it's in a precise shape, and in a reliable form. Personal image goes beyond clothes"
Novelty Baseball Cap Crown Inserts and Hat Shaper Collection*
Makes Your Cap Look Great Inside and Out”
The Manta Ray Low Profile Style Hat Crown Inserts are made for small to medium caps crown such as the Stylish Army hats, Baseball caps, Lady's Elegant Conductor hats, and Military caps with built in sweatband and more. Size:111/8" long x 31/8" high (29.21cm x 7.9375cm)
NOTE: Images of patterns may vary slightly.
Made from non-plastic material, which means there is no drying out or cracking over time. Besides, there is enough plastic in our waste dumps and oceans already
Environmentally friendly
Crack resistance (unlike plastic)
High-energy absorption
Long lasting
Dust proof
Good weather resistance
Low water absorption
Oil resistance
Chemical resistance.
Avoid deterioration on the inner caps crown and prolong the life of your hat by installing the Shapers Image hat and Cap Crown Shaper
Shapers Image Company provides a wide collection of different styles of hat shapers and baseball caps inserts. We are proud to offer not only a very useful product for anyone, but durable merchandise that will last for years under normal use. Made from 100% cotton or polyester material and thinethylene-vinyl acetate foam material similar to flip flops exercise mats or shoe insoles, the hat inserts or shapers will not crack, curl-up and dry-out, unlike plastic. You'll discover the crown shapers to have an incredibly secure and snug fit making the hat wearer not just look good, but also feel good. The hat crown inserts restore or re-new the cap's or the hat's crown shape, in spite of the fact that it avoids feeling the caps brim edge on the inside. The Hat Dome Panel Shapers (also available on eBay) allows the hats to be stored way neatly or to be use after the hat has been properly washed or clean to keep the hats panel contour in its proper place avoiding the baseball caps or hat from wrinkling or crumpling while they are being air dried.The Novelty Baseball Cap's Crown Inserts and Hat Crown Shaper collection are exclusively manufactured for Shapers Image® LLC and are manufactured in USA.
Don't store away or wash your baseball cap again without it!
Avoid deterioration on the inner caps fabric.
Avoid feeling the caps brim edge on the inside.
Noticeably display the hat's business logo clearly without worrying if the baseball cap crown is wrinkled or flat.
Do you jog or work outside in the sweltering sun? The baseball cap crown wrap-around insertalone reduces the amount of sweat running down the forehead by absorbing the moisture.
You'll discover the hat crown insert to have an incredibly secure and snug fit on the forehead and the temple, thus avoiding the wind from blowing away you hat. Warranty:
Items can be exchanged or refunded with a receipt or invoice within 30 days of receiving your purchase except shipping and handling cost that was paid out to a shipping carrier or third party supplier. An item must be returned in the original manufacturer's packaging, including any free promotional items. We recommend you keep your packaging for at least the first 30 days after purchase.
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